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Seba Trix 2 Women

299.99 €
black pink
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The Seba Trix 2 Women is a very beautiful and very good freeride inline skate with an integrated liner.

The Seba Trix 2 Women is related with the Seba Trix 2 and the Seba Trix Pro.
Like the Seba Trix 2 it has a strong plastic shell, not the high-end carbon shell of the Seba Trix Pro.

There are some subtle details that are made more beautiful compared to the Seba Trix 2. The top velcro has some decorative elements and the stitching is pink.

As the name suggests, the Seba Trix 2 Women is designed for the craziest tricks: slidings, freeride, slalom moves. And experienced skaters also love the inline skate for long tours because the ankles can move quite freely thanks to the quite low cuff.

  • It is a universal freeride inline skate that is suitable for almost everything: freeride, freestyle, tours, rollerparades ...
  • The "2" in Seba Trix 2 Women means it's the non-carbon version of the more expensive Seba Trix Pro. The Seba Trix 2 is therefore ideal for those who want a good skate for freeride and slalom, but are not willing to pay for the carbon version.
  • The Seba Trix 2 Women has a rockerable set-up. This means that you can switch between a flat set-up (all four wheels touch the ground at the same time) and a rockered set-up (the wheels are in "banana" and only two of the four wheels touch the ground at the same time). The flat set-up is more comfortable for free-riding and the rockered set-up is ideal for slalom.
  • Only available in the sizes EU 35 till EU 42.
  • The Seba Trix 2 Women weighs more than a carbon inline skate like the Seba Trix Pro of course.
Take the same size as for a regular shoe.

Product specifications

same size as for a shoe
integrated liner
laces; toe velcro; 45° micro buckle top velcro;
80 mm
Allen keys