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UnderCover Cosmic Roche Teal 80mm 88A

54.99 €
4 wheels pack
80 - green
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The Undercover Cosmic Roche Teal 80 is a fast-rolling and long-lasting inline skate wheel for freeride skating with a full radius.

Most freeride/urban wheels have an urban/freeride radius (wheel profile). The full radius is somewhat more flat. That is enjoyable for jumps. For slidings it is a little more difficult to kick in the sliding, but as soon as you slide, it is more fun.

With the 88A durometer, the wheel polyurethane is stronger than that of most other urban/freeride wheels, so they will last longer and it is very nice for slidings.

Weight: 98 g/wheel.

  • Strong and long-lasting.
  • Especially designed for freeriding.
  • For a 88A durometer wheel, it has a lot of grip.
  • A beautiful colour and design.
  • Not really a "weakness" because it is by design, but most beginners with an interest in freeriding choose a freeride wheel with more grip and a durometer between 82A and 85A.
  • We do not know whether the manufacturer wants to market this wheel as either "Roche" or "Rosche", because he uses both spellings interchangeably in his marketing.

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