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Torrent Rain Wheel 110mm, 4-Pack

99.99 €
4 wheels pack
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Yes, you can inline skate in rainy weather. Even in heavy rain. But not with the wheels and bearings that come standard with your inline skates. You need special rain wheels and rain bearings.
With these Torrent Rain Wheels you can skate in the rain as if it were dry. The grip of these wheels remains mysteriously good.
They have a durometer of 84A, but you should not compare the durometer of rain wheels with the durometer of regular (non-rain) wheels. It is because of the type of polyurethane used and the construction process that they get their incredible grip on a wet road surface.
Their only disadvantage is that on a dry road surface they might have a bit too much grip; you shouldn't think of a sliding with these wheels.
The Torrent Rain Wheels 110 mm are packed per 4.
You combine these Torrent rain wheels best with these rain-ball bearings.

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