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Rollerblade Hydrogen 125mm 85A 6-pack

129.95 €
6 wheels pack
125 - white
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Hydrogen wheels provide the ultimate level of roll, rebound and resiliance. They are made in the USA and use a proprietary formula to ensure the urethane is pure, long lasting and fuses with the core perfectly. The cores are designed to enable roll characteristics that conserve energy and flex with a return snap to transfer more power in the stride.

The Rollerblade Hydrogen wheels have a very high quality. Both amateurs and professional riders use them. Not only are they very fast (that's what the professionals are interested in), they are also very durable and wear-resistant (that's what the amateurs are interested in).

For fitness and speed this is an excellent wheel, but for urban tricks the radius should be flatter.
For those who necessarily want to hear a downside: on wet roads they have little grip and are difficult to use.

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