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FR Speed Wheels 110mm 85A

12.95 €
single wheel

The FR Speed Wheels 110 mm 85A are inlineskate wheels that are fast and can endure a lot of lateral forces. Therefore they are very suitable for freeride skating.

Standard the wheels are mounted under the FR1 310 Black and the FR1 310 Intuition. Yours truly also often uses them when freeride inline skating on three 110mm wheels.

If you really want to hear a minus point about this wheel, I'll have to search a bit and come up with the fact that they are a bit on the slippery side when the roads are wet.

(Sorry for the sub-standard photo by the way. The logo is sharper in real life. Also note that the manufacturer produces and delivers a version with the 'Speed' logo and one with the 'Urban Speed' logo; except for the logo, they are exactly the same wheels.)

Product specifications

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