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Seba CJ2 Prime Black (boot-only)

299.95 €
263.96 €
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The Seba CJ2 Prime is an aggressive boot-only inline skate with a removable liner.

The Seba CJ2 Prime is based on the Seba CJ2 Black (boot-only) and the Seba CJ Black, the flagship of the aggressive inline skates.

The Seba CJ2 Prime can be compared to the Seba CJ Carbon:
- the Seba CJ2 Prime has no carbon, but composite materials. As a result, it is a bit heavier and the conversion of energy into forward motion is less efficient than the carbon version.
- the Seba CJ2 Prime has more flex.
- the Seba CJ2 Prime has a removable liner.

There is such a thing as a break-in period and if you take your normal shoe size, you might get used to them after a while and they might be nice and tight around your feet, but for most people they will be just too small. That is why most inline skaters take the Seba CJ2 Prime one size bigger than their normal shoe size.

Product specifications

take one size larger than for a shoe
composite materials
laces; 45° velcro; top buckle
boot-only aggr.