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International Tiger day is upon us!

International sliding tiger day giveaway starting on international tiger day 29th of July 2022

So, as you might know, the 29th of July is the international day of the tiger. And since we absolutely love tigers (duh, why else would we call ourselves the sliding tiger?), we wanted to celebrate this special day with all you (sliding) tiger lovers.

So, if you like tigers as much as I do, or even as much as Achmed (who no-one will remember), this is for you. Since it's a special day for all the tigers, we are doing a giveaway! In total we will be giving away €50. Starting july 29th to august 2nd, we are giving away one €10 gift card each day to someone who ordered for at least €250 on our site. Meaning that every day there is a new chance to win, with a grand total of 5 winners! And don't forget to check out the instagram post on our page for an extra chance at winning!
But above all: Don't forget to spread awareness about this majestic creature that Achmed from the land of Pik-Zahr loves so much.

That'll be it for now. I'm going to watch Team Starkid's Twisted again. I really recommend watching it.

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