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FR 4D Flat 255 mm frame (for 84mm wheels)

109.95 €
255mm - black

The FR 4D 255 mm frame is ideal for those who want a strong freeride frame of 4 wheels of 84 mm.

The "255 mm" in the name "FR 4D Flat 255 mm frame" means that the distance from the front to the back axle is 255 mm.
This means that there is only one mm space between each wheel. For large sizes this frame can therefore be used for freeriding too.
For the smaller sizes (EU 39 and smaller) it is more towards fitness and touring.

The FR 4D 255 mm frame is mounted standard on the FR1 84 inlineskates.

It is a very good frame that is manufactured by extruding the excess aluminium from a block of aluminium. This makes it very strong and stiff, which ensures that all your energy is converted into forward motion.

The FR 4D Flat 255 mm frame is delivered per pair and 8 axles and 8 spacers are included.
Bolts to attach the frame to the boot are not included.

The FR 4D Flat 255 mm frames are compatible with almost all FR, Micro and Seba inline skate boots and with a lot of Rollerblade inline skate boots (and among them the Rollerblade Twister models). The frames have a flat set-up (all four wheels touch the ground at the same time).

Product specifications

freeride fitness
84 mm