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FR1 84

319.99 €

The FR1 84: all of the benefits of the legendary FR1 line with the option to buy the skate stock with an 84mm wheel setup

The FR1 84 has the same boot as the FR1 80, but comes with a frame and wheel setup of 84mm: The FR1 80 is the legendary freeride skate which will bring you everywhere with comfort and precision. With a perfect comfort, those skates have been re-thought to offer you the best stability and solidity possible. Perfect to improve your skating or to perform your best FReeride moves, the FR1 have all the required specs of a high quality skate. Everybody who tries the inline skate is surprised by its comfortable inner shoe. Some even say: "if it was not for the wheels, I would use it as a house shoe, it is that comfortable."

  • Great for freeride, freestyle, fitness and urban crusing
  • Highly customizable: nearly all parts of the skate can easily be replaced
  • Great support in part due to the hard shell and in part due to the height of the cuff
  • Choice of replacement wheels might be more limited than 80mm since 84mm wheels are less common. You will have choice enough in 84mm as well though.
Sizing advice: This skate has a wide fit and usually fits true to shoe size.

Product specifications

same size as for a shoe
FR Cuff
84 mm
freestyle/slalom, freeride/urban, pure fitness