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FR3 80

199.95 €
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The FR3 80 is the perfect skate to combine FReeride and FReestyle skating in only one model. Thanks to their X2R rockerable frames, you just need to turn the axles to get more manoeuvrability to practice FReestyle or more stability for enjoy FReeride. Thanks to the integrated plates, you will gain in stability and precision. The FR3 is a great skate to improve your skills in all skating styles.

  • As we are used to from the FR range, this is a comfortable boot.
  • The black boot fits aesthetically on everything.
  • The frames are mounted on the boot with strong "7 holes energy plates".
  • There is not a shock absorber under the liner.
Thanks to the thick liner, this model is suitable for both narrow and wide feet. Experience has taught us that it is best to choose your usual shoe size, regardless of whether you have a wide or narrow foot.

Product specifications

X2R Rockerable Black Frames
same size as for a shoe
FR liner
top buckle, 45° micro-buckle, laces
Seba/FR 7 holes mounting plate
80 mm
Street Kings 80 mm / 85A
FR Twincam MW7 Freeride
freeride/urban, freestyle/slalom
Allen key 4 mm, Allen key 3/16