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FR UFR 90 Intuition

419.95 €

The FR UFR 90 Intuition is a special freeride inline skate with its UFS mounting.

Thanks to the UFS mounting, the UFR can easily switch from FReeride to Street, or from Street to FReeride.

The FR UFR 90 Intuition inline skate accepts all UFS frames, including various flavours of the FR UFS 4-wheel Flat frames like the FR 480 (4x80mm), the FR 484 (4x84mm) and the FR 490 (4x90mm), the FR UFS 3-wheel frames and the FR UFS 490 (4x90mm) with a 1mm rocker.

You can also add a Soul Plate (which is not included) and hit the parks or Curbs.
The soulplates that fit the FR UFR skates are the FR UFR Soulplates.

The installed UFS frames, the UFR 490R 273mm frames, are also quite special: they have a 1 mm rocker, which is unique for an UFS frame.

The other specifications are, as expected, quite good:
- FK Metal Top Buckles
- Double Straps
- FR Ratchet Buckles
- Intuition Liners
- MW9 Bearings
- FR Urban Speed 90mm Wheels 85A

The sizings of Intuition liner and shell are combined as follows:
* EU 35-36 -> shell size 2
* EU 37-38 -> shell size 4
* EU 39-40 -> shell size 6
* EU 40.5-41.5 -> shell size 7
* EU 42-43 -> shell size 8
* EU 43.5-44.5 -> shell size 10
* EU 45-46 -> shell size 10
* EU 47-48 -> shell size 12

Product specifications

UFR 490R 273mm Frames, with 1mm Rocker
same size as for a shoe
laces; 45° micro-buckle; top buckle
90 mm
FR Urban Speed 85A
freeride/urban, aggressive
Universal Brake System for max. 100mm