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FR Spin Boot-only

339.95 €
299.16 €
available in shop

The black FR Spin Boot-only can be mounted on various inline skate frames.

If you happen to read this page while surfing, you might wonder why someone would buy a FR Spin Boot-only when you can buy a full FR Spin Rockerable skate for "a little" more money. There are arguments, which I'm sure you will know if you have consciously searched for this article. For example, if you have bought a niche frame, are looking for a matching boot for it and know that you will never use the frame and wheels of the FR Spin Rockerable, then it certainly makes sense to consider a FR Spin Boot-only. After all, that "a little more money" would be wasted otherwise.

This boot-only is the perfect balance between affordability and top quality. The Spins have a low cuff, which gives you a lot of mobility in the ankles.
The carbon fibre shell make it extremely reactive to your feet and make your feet feel like the are grabbed by the skate, even when loosening the buckles and laces, the skate will hold on to your ankle.

Two mounting screws per boot are included.

  • This boot-only is compatible with most non-UFS two-screw mounted frames. (e.g. Seba, FR, Flying Eagle, Rollerblade.)
  • Carbon fibre shell with integrated liner
  • Low cuff for extreme mobility in the ankles
  • A pain point for all boot-onlies is that the sum of the separate prices of boot-only and undercarriage is considerably higher than the price of one entire equivalent skate.
    We would like to nuance this immediately, because if you compare the price with a Intuition Liner V2, you can see that for a limited additional cost, you immediately get a complete outer boot with accessories.
  • Low cuff, less ankle support, not recommended for all beginners
Sizing guide:
it may sound strange, but if you will be practising mainly slalom with the FR Spin boot, it is best to take one EU size less than for a normal shoe. Indeed, less.
You will be able to skate painlessly after the first break-in period of about 5 hours, but the second-skin feel only comes after a longer break-in.
If you are not interested in slaloming around cones on one wheel, there is no need for the inlineskate to be as a second skin around your foot and you can save yourself the discomfort of the break-in period by just taking your normal shoe size.

Product specifications

for slalom take one size less than for a shoe, for other disciplines take the same size
integrated liner
laces; toe velcro; 45° micro-buckle; top-buckle
boot-only other