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FR1 80 Model 2022

299.95 €
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The FR1 80 is the legendary freeride skate which will bring you everywhere with comfort and precision.

With a perfect comfort, those skates have been re-thought to offer you the best stability and solidity possible. Perfect to improve your skating or to perform your best FReeride moves, the FR1 have all the required specs of a high quality skate.

Everybody who tries the inline skate is surprised by its comfortable inner shoe. Some even say: "if it was not for the wheels, I would use it as a house shoe, it is that comfortable."


  • Comfortable enough to ride with an entire night and then take the train home before sleeping. (true story, I even talked about it on instagram.) For people who aren't crazy, that means it's more than just comfortable enough for a couple of hours.
  • Amazing ankle support. flexible enough even though its cuff is quite high, yet rigid enough to do a wheelie. If you think you might like slalom, this is a good start without going too specialized.
  • Street Invader wheels can survive slides. While there are better wheels for sliding, I doubt you will find much better than this on a skate that comes directly from the factory.
  • Almost every part of it is replaceable. I can't even explain how awesome that is. You can even choose to replace your broken piece with a piece in a different colour.
  • The frame of the FR1 80 cannot be rockered. For that you'll want to look at the FR2 and FR spin which use the FR R2-R frame.
Take the same size as your shoe size when choosing an FR1. This fits for most people.

Product specifications

same size as for a shoe
80 mm
8 mm