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FR1 310 Red

329.95 €
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The FR1 310 is the three-wheel version of the legendary freeride skate FR1. It has a liner that is as comfortable as its four-wheeled equivalent. Anyone who fits the inline skate will be amazed at how comfortable it fits. Some even say: "These are more comfortable than my slippers at home."
The three wheels make this a hybrid freeride skate: you're still low enough to do tricks and other crazy things, while the larger wheels allow you to develop more speed and therefore you have a greater range of action.
The inline skate is suitable for the city, for tours, for tricks. So a real hybrid freeride skate. The "FR" stands for "freeride" and the FR1 is next to the FR1 DELUXE INTUITION the high-end in the freeride range.

Product specifications

3D 310
same size as for a shoe
FR Speed 85A
Twincam MW9 Titalium Freeride
freeride/urban, pure fitness