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Useful Presents for Inline Skating


There are lots of handy products and nice presents for inline skating. If you are looking for inspiration, we have listed some for you below:

Skate Wax

This one is for the aggressive inline skaters that like to go to skateparks and grind on objects. Many times, ledges or rails are rough and hard to slide on. That is where skate wax comes into good use. By waxing the ledge or rail you will be able to grind smoother on the obstacle. Be careful not to wax too much because the rail can get very slippery.

Smell Wells

After hours of inline skating, it is possible that your inline skates start to stink. That is where the Smell Wells do a fantastic job at taking away the odours. Just place them in your skates and before you know it your skates will be smelling fresh again. This one works for shoes as well and lasts up to 6 months. A great all-around present, not only for inline skaters.

Inline Skate Socks

These are special socks designed for inline skating. A good inline skating sock should be breathable, offer support and grip, and be at least as high the boot itself and not too thick. That is exactly what this sock is. Compared to normal socks these socks have extra grip in the places most needed in inline skating such as the toes and ankle and allow your foot to breathe. Everyone that tries them on notices a positive difference compared to normal socks for skating performance. Great all around present as they can also be used as normal socks.

Inline Skate Innersoles

These innersoles work wonders in making your skates more comfortable. Most inline skates come stock with very thin basic inner soles. These usually do not offer a lot of support and comfort. The best way to use the innersoles is to take out the one that is already in your skate and replace it. You can play around with keeping two innersoles in your skate to find the best way for you (but usually only one innersole is used). These innersoles immediately give your inline skate a different feel. It is like switching from wearing Vans with thin soles to cushioned Nike sneakers.

Inline Skate Ankle Guards

It happens to all of us sometimes that we skate too much, and we get blisters around the ankle. It is very annoying when the blisters get that big that you cannot skate anymore without pain. That is where ankle guard comes into good use. They are worn around the ankle area below or above the socks (depending on personal preference). The extra padding and support for your ankle allows you to skate even with a blister. Additionally, they can be used all the time for people with thinner ankles who feel too much friction in the ankle area during skating. Ankle guards fill up that extra space and make sure your ankle has less friction during skating.

Slalom Inline Skating Cones

Slalom is a discipline in inline skating where one slaloms through cones in different cool ways. Slalom inline skate cones are designed especially for that and can be taken with you anywhere for a fun session. Next to the standard cones, there also cones made of dual density. That means they are soft on the top and hard on the bottom so that if you fall on them it won't hurt. A great gift to improve your inline skate skills.

Inline Skate Backpack

Being on the go and having to carry your skates in your hand can get tiring and uncomfortable. Also having a backpack filled with inline skates can take away space from other things you want to put in it. Luckily there are backpacks that you can tie your inline skates to without sacrificing the inside space. There are small and big models out there. The big models usually have a lot of space inside and can fit a laptop, books, skate tools, clothes… the best part is that even with a full backpack you can secure the skates on the outside of the bag. Hence it is perfect for carrying your inline skates with you everywhere.