Shipping to every country - return up to 14 days after receipt Return up to 14 days after receipt
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How to understand the 'Availability'?

Not all available products are necessarily immediately in stock in our (physical) shop. Some are in warehouses or with the supplier. Availability other than "immediate" indicates the number of days it takes to get the product to our shop.

All available products can be ordered of course, but if you come to our physical shop, you can take the bought products immediately with you to your house only if their availability is 'immediate'.

If you have placed an order on the webshop, we will send the products immediately as soon as they are available in the shop. (So in fact immediately if the availability is set to "immediately").

Shipping is always done with globally reliable parcel services such as UPS, Fedex or DPD. How long the shipment effectively takes depends of course on the distance: a shipment to the island of Guam takes longer than to a nearby village.

Shipments within North-West Europe often arrive within 24 hours of dispatch.

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