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What exactly do you mean by pre-orders?

It regularly happens that it is certain that a sold out inlineskate (or a sold out accessory) in a certain size will come back in the shop, but that we can not currently bring them over. For example, because the products are still on a ship in the Indian or Atlantic Ocean. Or because the manufacturer is still busy with the production.

In such cases, our customers often want to be sure that they can get a pair from the next delivery. Then the system of pre-orders is very convenient. If you order in pre-order, you will of course have priority when the products arrive.

How sure is the delivery date which is stated with pre-orders?

We do our best to estimate this accurately and try to do this rather pessimistic and not optimistic. However, there are many variables, most of which are beyond our control. Think for example of the Suez blockade in March 2021 😒.

Do I pay more or less?

No, with a pre-order you pay as much as with a normal order. Your advantage is that you get priority when the products arrive. Our advantage is that we can increase our order to the manufacturer (as far as possible) if there is high demand or possibly reduce (if there is too little demand).

Is there any risk involved?

No, the return policy applies to pre-orders just as it does to regular orders. If you receive the order at a time that you no longer want it, you can always return it within the normal period after receipt.

If you change your mind during the waiting period or if the delivery time is delayed too much, you can also cancel the pre-order before we send it out. This is much easier for both Sliding Tiger and you. In that case we will refund you, including the shipping costs if you would have paid them.

What if I want to place a pre-order, but the webshop does not give me the option?

Not every sold out product can be ordered in pre-order. One reason is that it may be unclear whether it will still be produced. A more common reason is that we just wait until the article is available again instead of giving the possibility to buy it in pre-order.

If you would like to buy a sold out product in pre-order and the webshop does not give you this possibility, please send us an email and we will investigate if we can let you buy the product in pre-order.

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