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Shipping with normal packaging or package-free shipping?

The 'normal packaging' and 'package-free' options

During the check-out process, on the page where you enter your address details, you are given the choice of two options:

  • Shipping with normal packaging
  • Package-free shipping

The pictures below show first an unpacked inlineskate box and then the same box wrapped in plastic foil.

If you choose the option Shipping with normal packaging, the picture with plastic foil is an example of how we will pack this box. Sometimes we use a large carton box instead of plastic foil.

If you choose the option of package-free shipping, we will use tape to reinforce the inline skate box at the weak points, to make sure it does not fall open during transport and to close all the gaps in the box. Many inline skate boxes have an opening that can be used as a handle. In case of package-free transport, this opening should be taped to prevent parts from falling out.

Inline skate box without packaging.

Inline skate box with normal packaging.

Your choice can be overruled

The box in the pictures above is sturdy enough if it is sufficiently taped. Some boxes do not have this strength and then we pack them anyway in a carton box or in strong plastic foil, even if you have chosen the option of package-free shipping.

The nature of the order sometimes also requires solid packaging. For example, if a pair of inline skates and a helmet are ordered at the same time, we will (regardless of the option you choose) put everything into a large carton box.

We recycle the cardboard boxes as much as possible

If we put your order in a cardboard box (because of the option you chose or because we consider it necessary), we try to use as many recycled boxes as possible. So don't be surprised if you receive a cardboard box of the brand Seba after you ordered a pair of Powerslide inline skates. 😀 You will find your Powerslide skates in the Seba box in their original packaging.

We often use cartons in which our manufacturers and suppliers have shipped items to us. After all, we find it too much of a waste to simply throw these away when we need many boxes ourselves. Sometimes we also reuse boxes from large retail chains. (For example, after we have made an online purchase for ourselves or after we have bought e.g. a new printer online.) As Sliding Tiger we do not use any branding on our shipments. The boxes and the tape are as neutral as can be.

Always insured!

Regardless of which option you choose (Shipping with normal packaging or Package-free shipping), the shipment is always insured.

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