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How does the 'Smart Size Filter' work?

The 'Smart Size Filter' automatically takes into account for each model whether it is best to select

If you select for example size EU 40, the 'Smart Size Filter' will show size EU 40 of FR1, size EU 39 of Micro Delta and size EU 41 of Powerslide HC EVO Pro 90.

For other models, such as the FR Spin, the 'Smart Size Filter' for size EU 40 will show both size EU 39 and size EU 40, as for slalom you should take one size less while for fitness you can choose your normal shoe size.

If you find this 'Smart Size Filter' too confusing and just want to search by the official size mentioned on the inline skate box, you can use the 'Official Size Filter'. The 'Official Size Filter' works in the same way as a size filter on webshops for normal shoes.

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