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Scooter/Step Buying Guide: Different Categories And Choosing the Right One

There are lots of different categories of scooters. We are here to guide you on choosing and buying the right one for you.

Stunt Scooter – Pro Scooter – Trick Scooter – The go to choice for the skatepark.

These are the scooters/steps that you will need for the skatepark. One example is the Playlife Stunt Scooter Push Blue.
They have a one piece handlebar that is not height adjustable. Additionally they do not fold like transport scooters. The main important points for a stunt scooter are that they are strong so that they can take the impact of all your tricks and light so that they are easy to flick.

Stunt Scooter - Playlife Stunt Scooter Push Blue

Three-Wheel Scooter – The go to choice for young kids.

The three-wheel scooter is made for kids. The three wheels provide greater stability and control so they are a lot easier to balance on. An example of such a scooter is the Globber Master Step.
The handle bar can often be adjusted in height and they are also foldable so they are easy to take with you. Certain models also feature a steering lock option which makes it even easier to make the first steps in balancing.

Three-Wheel Scooter - Globber Master Step

Transport Scooter – The go to choice for transport.

As the name suggests this scooter is the one you need if you want to use it as a means of transport. One example of such a scooter is the Globber One NL 205-180 Scooter.
These scooters have two big wheels to go faster on the street and feel less from road bumps. The handlebar is also height adjustable and the scooters are foldable so they can easily be taken on the train, into a shop or in the car.

Transport Scooter - Globber One NL 205-180 Step

Watch here a video of what the pros can do.

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