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The importance of the right size for protective equipment

We can reassure you. With protective equipment one size more or less is not that important.

This is in contrast to inline skates. If a customer wants an EU 45 in the shop and we are sure that he fits better in an EU 44, we dare to push him to get an EU 44. 😊

If you strictly need e.g. a Medium for your wrist protection, you shouldn't go for an Extra Large of course, but a Large will be fine too.

As a personal example, I need a Large myself, but with the model Rollerblade X-Gear Wristguard I often take an Extra Large. In the winter I can wear gloves under them and without gloves they are loose but still comfortable.

Conversely, someone who needs a Medium can also fit into a Small if they can tolerate a tight fit.

The above logic can also help if you want to buy a 2-pack or 3-pack, but you measure e.g. for the knees a different size than for the wrists.
If you want to buy e.g. the wrist, knee and elbow Seba protection separately, it will be € 20.90 more expensive than one Seba 3-pack. Some customers choose this solution, just as many others take a 3-pack (and then usually in the largest size of the three separate parts).

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