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Heat Moulding Your Inline Skate Liners

A lot of inline skate liners currently have the ability to be heat moulded. This means warming up the liner so it becomes softer and then letting it cool off on your foot. This gives the liner a much better and personalised fit and can reduce any pressure points you have.

The two main brands that make heat mouldable liners are MyFit and Intuition.


To heat mould the MyFit liners you will need to take them out from the shell and remove any plastic parts like a rubber shock absorber on the bottom. When heat moulding any MyFit liner always remove the insole as well. The laces can stay in but loosen them up.

When you just have the liner with no extra rubber/plastic parts on it and the insole is out, it is ready to be put in the oven. You can place both liners in the oven at the same time. Make sure to place them in the middle and standing up right. Also be sure they are not touching the heating elements.

Most MyFit liners will need a temperature of between 80-100° Celsius (if you want to be sure check which liner your inline skate model has and the exact temperature to heat mould it at). Place them in the oven for about 8-10 minutes. Stay close and keep an eye on them to make sure they don’t tip over.

During the heating the liner material will expand and a cool accessory for keeping the liners in place during the heat moulding process are the MyFit heatmoulding socks. Meanwhile get your inline skate shell ready by loosening the buckles and laces so that you can put the liner in the skate as quickly as possible. Also have the innersole and any other parts you took off the liner ready to put them in the liner as soon as you take it out of the oven. The goal is to have the liner back in the skate the same way you would normally skate it as quickly as possible.

Take the liners out of the oven and get them back in the skates as quickly as possible. Put on the skates as you would normally and tighten them well. When you have both skates on sit on the edge of your chair and bend your knees in a natural skate position with the knees slightly above your toes. You want your skates to take the shape of your foot when you’re skating so this will give a better result. Sit and wait for about 6-8 minutes till they cool off. Your skates are now ready and you can go and skate.

Cool tip if you want any extra space somewhere in the liner, put a bit of extra padding inside your sock at the place you want it at. Don’t overdo it, just a bit will do the job.

MyFit Liner


To heat mould intuition liners you will need rice and some socks. You need to fill both socks with rice and make a knot on the top. Make sure to fill the socks enough so that they fit tightly into the liner.

To make sure you have the right amount try putting the filled socks in the liner first and make sure they fit snug. Then put them in the microwave for 4-7 minutes depending on the power of your microwave.

  • 700-900W = 7 minutes
  • 1000-1100W = 5 minutes
  • 1200-1250W = 4 minutes

Take the socks with the rice out of the microwave and be careful not to burn yourself as the rice will be hot. Put the socks into the intuition liners and let them sit for 5-7 minutes. Take the sock out and put the warm liner back into your inline skate. Then put the skates on like you would normally and tighten them well.

Sit for 5-10 minutes on the edge of a chair with your knees bent just slightly over your toes in skate position. Once your liners have cooled off your inline skates are ready.

Intuition Liner

An alternative method to heat-mold Intuition liners

Not everyone has a microwave and some find it cumbersome to first heat up a sock of rice.

The following alernative method arose from the creativity of our customers. 😎

In an oven pre-heated at 75°C you put the liners for 10 minutes.

Where necessary create extra space with a plaster. Then put on skate socks.

When you take the liners out of the oven, quickly put them into the skates and put them on. Tighten the skates very well and then stand in the skate position for five minutes. Then 10 minutes of calm rolling around (around the kitchen table). And then experience the difference! 😃

Advice for your tranquillity

Manufacturers specify in their instructions to heat-mold both liners at the same time.

But if you're heat-molding for the first time or if you prefer to do it quietly without rushing, you can heat-mold one liner at a time. That is much more relaxing. Put a good book on the kitchen table beforehand or get a film on your tablet. :-)

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