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Wheels for inline skating in the rain

We recommend the wheels below to skate in the rain.

The Hyper Concrete wheels (this and this) are not marketed as rain wheels and they are not. On the contrary, they are excellent urban wheels. Despite their excellent sliding properties, they also have a surprising amount of grip on wet surfaces. Therefore they are a good alternative for a real rain wheel in the 72 and 76 mm diameters.

With 80 mm diameter wheels you already have the choice of a real rain wheel (the Torrent 80 mm), but also with the Hyper Concrete wheels you can easily do a cardio work-out with the skates in the rain. (Needless to say though, the Torrent 80 mm have more grip).

For the diameters 90, 110 and 125 mm you have a choice of two real rain wheels: MPC and Torrent wheels. Looking purely at the quality, I have a slight preference for the MPC wheels. They have a bit more grip, are a bit faster and last a bit longer. If I now start the sentence with "on the other hand", you might think that I will raise the higher price. You might have guessed that right (because the price might be an issue indeed), but no, the biggest stumbling block with the MPC wheels is the low production volumes. More often than not, the manufacturer cannot supply MPC wheels.

Do you really notice no difference between skating on dry and wet roads with the MPC and Torrent wheels? That is a tad exaggerated. You keep feeling the difference. So you have to be a bit more careful in the curves, as well as on unpleasant surfaces such as soggy autumn leaves, sewer covers and some road markings. But what you will have no problem with is getting your heart rate up as high as you like so that you can do both a low-intensity and high-intensity cardio workout on your skates. (Sometimes the problem with non-rain wheels is that you have to ride so carefully in the rain that you can't get your heart rate up high enough to work on your fitness).

In fact the little table in the blog Difference between rain and normal inline skate wheels is quite instructive. 😁

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